Hello there! My name is Bri and this my clipart site. I make all of my clipart specifically for teachers but it is also available to others. KPM clipart inspired me to start making my own clipart by seeing how fun and useful her clipart could be. I am a full time kindergarten teacher and am always looking for clipart to go along with my lesson plans. For examples of my lesson plans go to: theartofteachingut.blogspot.com.

My goal is to create fun and affordable clipart for teachers, so all of you teachers out there please let me know what kind of clipart you are looking for. This is for you!

Terms of use:
My clipart can be used for worksheets, lesson plans, and other digital items to share and SELL on sites such as Tpt, Teachers Notebook, and Esty. However, please do not sell my individual clipart as PDFs, PNGs, or JPGs. Use them to create your own works of art and you are free to share and sell them as you like, but not as individual clipart.

When you purchase my clip art it is a single user license, please do not share my clip art with others, resell it or claim it as your own.

Please give me credit and have a link to my blog, but other than that have fun, enjoy, and CREATE!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letters N-Z Character Clipart

Here's the rest of them! Just click here:)

Alphabet Characters A-M

Hey friends! I just realized that I could put my letter characters up as clipart and I got so excited about it, that as soon as I got home I started working on it. I've already done A-M and N-Z will be coming soon. Besides the fact that it takes a while to change them into jpgs and pngs, I also can't make a file big enough to attach A-Z all at once, but I promise I'll have the rest up later tonight. For now you can click here to get letters A-M.
I have some new clipart up--Valentine Candy Hearts! It's one of my favorite parts of Valentines Day and as a class we do a lot of our addition math with these candies. Let me know what you think about them. Just click here to go to my teachersnotebook account.